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Methadone online shop is a Global Wholesale and Retailer with over 120,000 products lines including Original brands and True Generic. Buy methadone.
We are an Independent, Professionally run, company with over 35 person – year experience and expertise in Pharmaceutical Global trade.

We cater to the entire spectrum of pharmaceutical trade starting from Wholesale, Retail Tender supplies, Orphan Drugs, Hard to find lines, Cold chain lines, Biologics, Bio-Similar, Vaccines and Name patient supplies. We are one of the Pioneers in Comparator drug supplies.

Drug Addiction Now is an online news resource for topics related to drug addiction, addiction treatment, and recovery. Featuring up-to-the-minute news, in-depth analysis of developing trends, and commentary from a whole spectrum of sources, Drug Addiction Now is always committed to providing useful and accurate information. No matter how your life may have been affected by addiction, we believe that education is the key to facing and overcoming the menace of substance abuse.


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At a time when so much knowledge is readily accessible through the internet, it can be more difficult than ever to find a reliable and dependable source for information related to substance abuse. Drug Addiction Now is here to parse the volumes of irrelevant and inaccurate information in order to help you stay abreast of the latest developments related to substances and addiction. While substance abuse has reached epidemic levels across the United States, ignorance is also becoming increasingly widespread, which in turn contributes to ever rising levels of addiction.

Our goal is to help connect individuals with the support they need to overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol. By providing our readers with exhaustively researched material on everything related to substance abuse, we aim to eradicate addiction through education. Furthermore, we hope to help those individuals in need of a substance abuse treatment facility by assisting them in finding the addiction recovery program that will best suit their needs by providing them with the tools they need to attain their recovery goal.


Our products and content are medically reviewed by healthcare providers and physicians who are in active clinical practice. The information on our website is relevant to the medications we sell. We periodically update our products and information accordingly.

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Our online pharmacy is trusted for safe and secure delivery services by millions clients for over a decades. We enable a quick delivery to ensure that your medicines reach you on time. Our delivery partners work really hard to reach each and every corner of the country discretely within time. We offer express and normal modes delivery. All orders to Canada, UK and USA are free off delivery charges from orders ranging from $1000 with an average delivery time.