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Buy Coca leaves Online. Coca leaves have a rich history and cultural significance in certain regions of South America. These leaves come from the coca plant, scientifically known as Erythroxylum coca, and have been used for centuries by indigenous communities for various purposes.

One of the most well-known uses of coca leaves is their traditional role in the production of cocaine. However, it is important to note that the leaves themselves are not inherently harmful or addictive. In fact, when consumed in their natural form, coca leaves have been used for their stimulating and medicinal properties.

Indigenous communities in the Andean region have traditionally chewed coca leaves to combat altitude sickness, increase energy levels, and alleviate hunger and fatigue. The leaves contain alkaloids, including cocaine, which can provide a mild stimulant effect when chewed or brewed into tea.

Beyond their medicinal uses, coca leaves also hold cultural and spiritual significance. In some indigenous rituals, coca leaves are used for divination and as offerings to deities. They are seen as a sacred plant that connects individuals to the spiritual realm and fosters a sense of community.

It is worth mentioning that the cultivation and use of coca leaves are regulated in many countries due to the potential for cocaine production. However, there is ongoing debate about the cultural and medicinal value of coca leaves and the impact of strict regulations on indigenous communities.

In conclusion, coca leaves have a complex history and serve various purposes in different cultures. While they are commonly associated with the production of cocaine, it is important to recognize their traditional uses for medicinal, cultural, and spiritual practices.. This plant grows as a cash crop in the Argentine Northwest, Bolivia, Alto Rio Negro Territory in Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Peru as well as in areas where its cultivation is unlawful. There are some reports that the cultivation is done  in the south of Mexico, by using seeds from South America, as an alternative to produce its recreational cocaine. It also plays a fundamental role in many traditional Amazonian and Andean cultures as well as the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in northern Colombia. buy-coca-leaf-online.


Something that may surprise you, but that you will most certainly encounter on your visit to Cusco, is the open sale of coca leaves and coca tea in markets, cafes and even supermarkets.
More importantly, though Coca leaves are indeed the basic ingredient for cocaine, they are NOT in any way addictive (unless you were to consume them by the ton!) or bad for your health. A good analogy is that coca leaves are to cocaine what poppies are to heroin.

Coca leaves is sacred to the Incas, and since then it is use as a natural remedy for many ailments, including headache, sore throat and stomach upsets. Today, the coca leaf is a vital part of the Peruvian national identity.

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Peruvian coca leaf

Peru, the world’s largest source of coca, has both licit and illicit cultivation. Licit coca is cultivated by farmers registered with the National Coca Monopoly (ENACO). ENACO buys and sells it to retailers either for resale domestically, for chewing or for herbal tea, or for export to produce soft drink flavoring or pharmaceuticals.

The 18,000 hectares that have been registered for licit coca cultivation are centered in the department of Cuzco. illicit coca cultivation occurs primarily in the Upper Huallaga Valley region of northern Peru including the departments of SanMertin, Huanuco, and Ucayali. And other areas under cultivation include the valleys of La Convention and Lares in the department of Cuzco and the provinces of Huanta and La Mar along the Rio. Apurimac in the department of Ayachucho. More so, there are also smaller growing located in the departments of Puno and Pasco.

The Upper Huallage Valley is a tropical area with a mild climate that receives an average of 12.44 feet of rain during the year. June through September is the dry season when the gets very little rainfall. The mean annual temperature is 55 degrees Fehrenheit. Coca is usually grows here between 1981 to 2640 feet above sea level but this sometimes planted up to 6270 feet altitude. The soil in the Upper Huallaga Valley is well drain and rich in iron, and important element for all plants life. The area surrounding Cuzco has an average rainfall of between1.32and 5.94 feet annually which usually falls between the months of October sand April. The average temperature in this region are greater than 53 degrees Fahrenheit. Coca is generally grows between 2409 and 4257 feet above sea level. The soil especially poor in iron content.

A semi-tropical climate warm days and abundant rainfall between 6.6 and 7.26 feet per annum, characterizes the Ayacucho area. Coca is usually grow on steep slopes which requires terracing at an elevation of between 1650 and 4290 feet. Soils in this area are red and high in iron. We at methadoneonlineshop get our supplies from the Coca farmers.



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