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Buy Coca leaves Online. Coca leaf is used to produce cocaine and other herbal medications. This plant is grown as a cash crop in the Argentine Northwest, Bolivia, Alto Rio Negro Territory in Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Peru, even in areas where its cultivation is unlawful. There are some reports that the plant is being cultivated in the south of Mexico, by using seeds imported from South America, as an alternative to produce its recreational cocaine. It also plays a fundamental role in many traditional Amazonian and Andean cultures as well as the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in northern Colombia. Here at methadoneonlineshop, we get our produce from its source that is why we advice you Buy Coca Leaf Online from us. We source at an affordable price, overnight shipment available and all payments via bitcoin gets a discount. We cut off the issue clients reach out to us putting us and them in danger by the cops. deliveries are mostly done by night very very safe and discreetly.

The purpose that guides the spiritual work with the coca leaf is none other than seeing the invisible fabric of nature and man. For our Andean grandparents, life is woven into a web, within a fabric that unites it and links it with the earth, the stars, the animals, the brothers, the rivers and the plants. On this metaphysics, everyone can educate themselves knowing how to use the sacred coca leaf. The man who learns to relate to the coca leaf learns to correspond with his own being, as well as with the earth and the Coca awakens the sleepy corners of our cells, and therefore increases awareness and physical energy. Much has been said about the nutritional power of coca, but the most meritorious of the discipline of coking is to create a vegetative ground conducive to reflection and to share in a group, a practice that is equally medicinal. Nourished with coca, the soul becomes sensitized, the space occupied by the spirit becomes intuitive and profound, the dialogue becomes sincere and full of compassion. The consumption of the coca leaf instructs us in the philosophy of ayni, reciprocity. The Incas had a lot of respect for the dead, whom they called mallquis. Bury a loved one was an act of affection, caressed the skull to the point of rest, and not only the body of the sovereigns was preserved. Each family placed food and objects of daily use on their corpses, but to enter the afterlife, the force food was coca, and the mouth of the deceased had to be full of its leaves. In the mummies we always find a chuspa, and many coca leaves scattered on the body. It is said that the man next to die must put coca leaves on his lips, so his soul enters the world above called hananpacha. Place an Order now to discover the best quality of coca leaf online.



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